Grief is Itself a Medicine

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Hello all!  I got one of those flashback type things this week, telling me I’m a blogger slacker, and that I should post something.  They suggested I re-post this, a lil thing I wrote about 5 years ago, which was evidently one of the most read blog posts here, although why, I honestly cannot say. I read it again with a nostalgic mix of feelings, reflecting on how much is different, and how much is so very much the same since this was written. Same steeples, same fields, same cords of wood lining the homes. Same poverty, same untamed wilderness, same beauty, same red dirt road.  I guess...

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Happy Happy…

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“Don’t be afraid to fail. You’re gonna fail sometimes. Be afraid not to try.” —A Through-Hiker I met on the Continental Divide Trail   Hi Everyone!  Happy 2017! It’s sort of raining here, a cold mist that never really falls but never really goes away, either.  All this sloppy humidity made me sort of long for the desert, which made me think of the guy I met on the CDT, near Skull Bridge, outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico.  It was so hot and dusty that day, and yet here was this guy, Daniel I think his name was, happily meandering through the desert,...

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Abundant Harvest

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Hello all! We are back in St. Louis, and I wanted to check in on the happenin’s round here.  I drove home last week, and am adjusting to the weather here, storms and humidity a visceral reminder I am in the Midwest again. I ran a few errands yesterday, windows down even with the heat, foot light on the gas, sun beating down through the sun roof, half listening to the sorrowful news coming through the speakers.  It wafted through in stark contrast to the landscape here, seemingly impossibly lush and verdant after spending two months in the desert, fertile green holding the promise of...

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Hi. Yeah, we’re still here

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Hello all, surprise!  Yeah, you are still subscribed to a mostly non-posting blog.  I know this goes against all Rules of Social Media, but I’m kind of a rule-breaker anyway, so there ya have it. I’ve been a lot of places in the past several months, and probably could have posted more, but I was out living life instead of blogging about it.  Mostly the trips and days were good, full of promise, with a lot of laughs.  Other times I’ve wandered restlessly, my truth sort of unsettled in me, waiting to root, like those times when a seed finally blossoms into a flower but looks...

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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  Hello all!  I know, I know.  It’s been awhile.  Many things are afoot, and I wanted to share those with you. First, we are honored to be the guest contributor to the NPR show On Being this week.   This was a blog post I wrote here several years ago, about the time we signed my mom into hospice. It was quite a surprise, but quite an honor to hear they were running the post, so a big thanks to On Being, we love your show! The contribution post is about the stories we tell ourselves, how they shape us, and how they shape our world.  Head on over there and check it out, along with their...

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5 Questions for Crossing the Threshold

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Hello all 🙂  I saw this beautiful essay and thought it was the perfect time to pass it along.  New Year or not, it’s always a beautiful time for a new start, with yourself or others.  During our sessions and retreats with people, and especially this time of year, we often talk about crossing a threshold into something new.  The archetypal journey of life, often called The Hero’s Journey, involves crossing many thresholds and facing many of our Threshold Guardians.  This is a beautiful way to approach those changes, so I wanted to pass it along.  This is a direct cut/paste from...

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