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Welcome!  You have found Terri Schanks at Blessings Enterprises!

We specialize in walking with you as you open to a new life by moving from surviving to really thriving.  During our sessions we will gently transform trauma, heal the grief and the pain of your past, and help you move into a future that you choose for yourself.   As part of your holistic experience, you may also choose to experience healing work and energetic balancing,  meditation & spirituality coaching,  life coaching and many other healing modalities.    Our time together is designed to facilitate the release of grief, old experiences of emotional, physical and existential pain, or long-standing patterns you are ready to change.  This type of transformational work and coaching are also great for relaxation, work-life balance, stress reduction and overall health and wellness.  You can check out a list of the products and services we offer here

We are a full service natural health provider, trauma and grief specialists, herbalists, life and business coaches. We practice many forms of traditional and natural healthcare, trauma and grief therapy, as well as many types of personal, spiritual and business coaching.  We offer herbs, supplements, essential oils, custom oil blends, teas and balms to relax or heal all manner of ills.  We welcome the opportunity to walk with you and help facilitate your healing process.  You can discover much more about our sessions and approach to healing on our About Us page,  in the slider pages or our FAQ. 

A few logistics:  On the slider pictures, you will see a nifty little box with an arrow.   This will take you to some entrancing content which will hopefully inspire you, or at least answer some questions about what we do here.   At the bottom, you’ll find links to our blog, a glossary and a contact icon.  If you would like to make an appointment or have questions that are not answered on some of the pages or our extensive FAQ, feel free to contact me.

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