A New Way of Seeing

A New Way of Seeing

Hello!   I’m Terri, and this is where we write about and ponder healing, spirituality, life, death and everything in between.  My areas of specialty run the gamut from traditional grief and trauma healing to shamanic healing and all manner of alternative healing goods and services.  But when all is said and done, I am a writer, a teacher, a healer, a coach,  and a lover of life.  I hope to offer you a new way of seeing…of seeing yourself, your life, and everything in it.  We offer products and services we use ourselves and believe in, as part of a whole life balance of health and wellness.

My experience and educational background includes a lot of things I learned in schools of academia and schools of life.  Over the years I have studied things like trauma theory; neuro-biology and EMDR; many theories of human development and psychology; philosophy; Christian theology; many forms of spirituality; Buddhism and comparative religions; Buddhist psychotherapy and mindfulness awareness practices; addictions and eating disorders; death and dying, grief work, hospice and bereavement.  After years of study and all the time spent getting  the clinical degrees and certifications, I can tell you that when all is said and done, it all comes down to relationships~~how we relate to ourselves, the world and each other.

I also have years of in-depth study into Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval, Native American medicine, meditation and mindfulness awareness practices, kinesiology, aromatherapy, energy anatomy and healing, alternative medicine, herbs, homeopathics, and many other forms of natural health care.  I have a BS in Psychology, a Master of Social Work degree (MSW), and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

After years of working in clinical settings, I observed some things again and again.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have seen traditional talk therapies fall short in helping clients release grief, old experiences of trauma or abuse, spiritual questions or old patterns.  Pain does not necessarily equal pathology, but the clinical world often treats loneliness and pain, being an empath or intuitive, or somehow being outside of the mainstream, as a disorder.  Traditional talk therapy addresses the emotional and mental components of healing, but sometimes more is needed.  Often at least part of what is needed is a sense of stillness, of coming home to oneself, and a guide on that journey to wholeness.

The body, mind and spirit hold our life experiences, deep needs, our dreams and memories. Even when a person has “processed” painful experiences in therapy, the body and brain neuro-nets may still be storing the memory, which can contribute to illness, pain, the same old responses you are tired of but can’t seem to change, or a general feeling of being “stuck.” This is an area traditional therapy typically is not able to address, and why someone can be in therapy for years without deep results.  The sessions we offer are designed to help you release these things from your entire system, often resulting in a sense of freedom from the presenting issue.

Blending many healing modalities, we offer compassionate, individualized sessions to help move you through challenging situations, to help alleviate symptoms of distress, or  help you become more empowered in your response to these events in your life.  This type of work can be gently and efficiently done in person or by phone.  We also offer various types of coaching and counseling and can teach you how to slow down, relax and discover your purpose in life. Our sessions are designed to support your process of discovery into new awareness, which leads to renewal and transformation. The aim is to align your inner life with your outer life, to truly live congruently with your values.  Our unique approach to healing work, therapy and coaching helps clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter, so you can listen to your heart and inner wisdom above all other voices.

Many times releasing the stress from our bodies and energetic system helps unblock our “stuck places,” and therefore brings clarity, peace and inspiration to continue your journey of healing.  In our sessions, we will find these old patterns and blocks in your brain, as well as physical and energetic systems, then discern the ways in which they impact your life now and  gently release them.  The result marks a profound turning point in your life, leading to what may feel like a remarkable transformation.  Personal blockages and limitations dissolve.  Self-esteem and confidence expands and  inner peace begins to grow.  Harmony and balance are restored as you learn to access your inner wisdom and grace.

This is a gentle but powerful process and is designed to help you release the past and come into the present so you can live fully.  As we do so, we balance and restore symmetry and wholeness to your entire system, which leads to a sense of peace and joy.  Our sessions are tailored to facilitate your process of change and healing; as such, we go beyond the surface condition, seeking to find an underlying cause or block.  We then gently release it, restoring you to a balanced state of overall well-being.

Know that we do not seek to change a thing or release something because it is or was wrong or bad, but only because you are ready for a change and whatever you are ready to release no longer serves you. Changes and release come when something is no longer a reflection of who you are, who you want to be and where you are going. The work we will do is a gentle process of unfolding and will help you to let go and move into the new, at a pace you set, that feels comfortable and safe for you.

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