Work Life BalanceAre you interested in learning to still your body and mind, learn to meditate or enter into a spiritual journey with an experienced guide?  Are you exploring Centering Prayer or Mindfulness exercies but need some help to deepen your practice?

Are you interested in decreasing your sense of anxiety while increasing your sense of confidence?  Do you always feel like your mind and spirit are apart from your body, like you are never in the present moment?

Do you feel depressed or anxious, yet know you are not clinically depressed?  Have you tried everything to “fix” it, yet that restless ache remains?  Are you so used to multi-tasking and rushing that you no longer remember what it is like to relax and be here now?  If you would like to learn to live in balance, to slow down and really enjoy your life, we can help.  That constant anxiety and internal pressure can dissipate with some gentle changes, and we can help you.

You can learn to come back to the present moment.  You can learn to slow down, breathe and relax again.  Meditation does not have to be hours of navel-gazing in some far off mountain monastery, apart from your present life.  In fact, the point is to incorporate what you learn here into your present life, to really Be Here Now.

You can start right here, right now, just as you are.  You do not have to figure out how to “be good” to start on a spiritual path.  Being present to the body and breath is the beginning; opening to a sense of self-acceptance and friendliness toward yourself is the key.  Five minutes a day is all you need to start,.  We can teach you how to still your mind and body, to come into the present moment.  As you deepen in this practice, the benefits include an ability to act on your life, not just react to it.  You will feel calmer, more confident and more alive.

Do the traditions of childhood seem unfulfilling,  yet you miss a spiritual practice?  Many times we miss the cultural rituals of childhood, yet the religious aspects do not meet our needs as adults.  Take heart.  There are many ways in which to incorporate a gentle, mindful approach to life.  There are many ways to bring that awareness into your modern life and find balance.  If you do not feel comfortable with the concept of a deity, that’s okay.  It does not have to look like it looked in your past. Mindfulness just means being aware of yourself, of coming home to yourself, of realizing no one in the world is more deserving of your love and compassion than you are.  Meditation and other techniques are practiced the world over and are part of whole life balance.   Start where you are.  We can guide and teach you.

If you are interested in exploring various forms of spirituality, learning to meditate or find deeper sense of connection to yourself, your own process or your understanding of the Divine,  feel free to call or email us.  If you have a specific path that is nourishing for you, be it Christian or Buddhist, earth-based or if you are just beginning to explore your spiritual life, you will find an accepting, judgement free zone here.  We have practiced with many kinds of prayer and meditation for years, and know the benefits and challenges of the spiritual path. 

You can learn to work with your body, mind and spirit while learning to slow down, relax and breathe.  If you want to learn to still your ever-moving mind,  relax and feel alive again, then mindfulness based practices and spiritual coaching can help.  There is no one more deserving of your love and compassion than you are, and we can help you learn to love yourself.  You can replace that turbulence inside of you with a sacred calm.  There is only Now.  If you want to learn to come into present time and listen to your heart above all other voices, contact us.  We can help.



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