hands with lightI believe in healing.  I believe in the power of your body, mind and spirit to be healed.  I believe we can work with your body, not just at it.  You can feel better again, you can be healed.

There are innumerable healing modalities out there, and I have practiced a number of them for years.  You can see a list of some of the services provided here.  Most healing sessions include energy work of some kind, and may also utilize kinesiology, soul retrieval, chakra clearing or other traditional forms of energetic balancing.

This work is designed to harmonize all of you- body, mind and spirit.  Our sessions facilitate the release of grief, old experiences of emotional, physical or existential pain, or long-standing patterns you are ready to change. It can help restore balance to your life, as well as help you come to a gentle new awareness of your own body and emotions. If you feel lost, stuck or numb, healing work is a valuable tool in helping you feel connected and alive again.  If you have had  trauma,  surgery, or are dealing with grief and loss, shamanic healing and energetic balancing are wonderful ways to find healing and balance again.  Healing work and energetic attunements are also great for relaxation, work-life balance, stress reduction and overall health and wellness.  All day healing retreats are also available and are a profound way to experience a new direction in life.  You can read more about those on our FAQ page. 

The need for traditional approaches to wellness or a desire for healing energy work often comes as a result of  pain (physical, emotional or spiritual) which seemingly has no cause, or for which a medical doctor has no cure.  The desire to seek out healing or energetic balancing may also come from a desire to let go of some aspect of your past that keeps you stuck, or anxiety about the future that keeps you frozen.  It often accompanies the desire to live a fuller life, to be all of who you really want to be. Our sessions are designed to assist you in your healing process at every level of life.  As such, we seek to go beyond the surface condition to find an underlying cause; we stop chasing symptoms and begin to look for the origin or inception point of the issue.  We then gently release it, restoring you to a balanced state of overall harmony and health.

The healing work we will do is a gentle process of unfolding and letting go, and often a means of finding a light in the darkness.  Our sessions are designed to help you heal soul loss,  release old traumas, past hurts or wounds, as well as imbalances of the physical, energetic or mind-body system.   Inevitably, this work brings a sense of balance and peace, along with a sense of clarity and overall wellness.

Full day healing journeys are also available on a limited basis.  These days are dedicated to  shamanic healing for trauma and soul loss, soul retrieval, spiritual exploration, energy work, energetic healing & clearing, coaching, heart and soul opening,  and a number of other possibilities.  These days are created specifically for you and are designed to offer a way for you to experience deep healing and change in the most efficient and yet gentle way possible.  Full day retreats are a way to dig deep if you feel lost or stuck, as you have our undivided attention for a full six hours.  These days are enormously fruitful and rich, often resulting in a profound transformation of body, mind and spirit, along with a sense of freedom from presenting issue.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional information.

You can read much more about energy work and what to expect from our sessions on our FAQ page.  If there are terms you are not familiar with, we offer a glossary as well.  You can learn more about me, my training, Blessings Enterprises and my approach to healing work here.

There are many benefits to regular healing energy work, along with a number of studies which prove its safety and efficacy.  You can see some of those, along with a list of hospitals utilizing reiki, here.   There are many studies which seem to prove a number of benefits as a result of receiving energy work.  A few are listed below.

 Benefits of Healing Work & Coaching

Discovery of Life Purpose

Enhanced Self-Image

Healing from Soul Loss

Healing Grief and Shame

Stress Reduction and Emotional Release

Increased Spiritual Awareness and Connection

Reduced Levels of Anxiety & Depression

Increased Awareness of the Mind-Body Connection

Integration of Your Whole-Life Balance

Relaxed State of Alertness, a Sense of Feeling Lighter

Feeling Emotionally Stronger and Healthier

Release of Old or Destructive Patterns, Addictions, etc.

Relief from feeling “Stuck” or “Lost”

Freedom from  Guilt and Shame

Increased Energy, Peace & Joy

Renewed Ability to Enjoy Life

Spiritual cleansing, Renewal & Transformation

Work-Life Balance


If you are seeking healing, know that by reaching out to something new, your healing is already in progress.  If you have any questions or would like us to be part of your journey, please contact us.





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