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Gardening is cheaper than therapy

Hello all!  I wanted to update you on some cool happenings here at the Blessings Enterprises World Headquarters.

First, and how cool is this:  This yard and space is listed on the 2013 Sustainable Yard Tour on Sunday, June 23, from 11-4:00.  You can find more about the tour and all the other cool spaces here.    Feel free to come by, and by all means, check out some of the other listed houses and yards.  A lot of neat stuff is happening in St. Louis, and the community is happy to share ideas and expertise.  The Tour is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and get some great gardening ideas.

Now in its third year, The Sustainable Backyard Tour is a free, self-guided, open-house-style tour of sustainable outdoor  residential spaces around St. Louis.   It is a unique opportunity to see firsthand how others have integrated sustainable living practices into their little piece of Earth.  You’ll see a wide range of organic and sustainable practices, from natives to bees, from perennial veggies to fruit trees, demonstrated in St. Louis back yards,  front yards,  side yards, courtyards and more!

If you check out their website, you’ll find maps and other info at a variety of locations around the city and county.  You can also download more info here or on their website

Next, those of you who actually come to see me in person will see a For Sale sign out front starting this week.  Yes, it’s true:  the Little House in the City is for sale.  I will be moving to an office space, probably in the Webster area, when this sweet house sells.  By all means, if you know some urban homesteading hippie, send them on over!   I’ll still work with clients 3 days a week and will be writing and pursuing some other interests a few days a week.  I will probably also be spending some time in New Mexico to write and do some research.  A lot of fun things are unfolding for all of us, much is in motion these days!  I’ll post as info becomes available, but for now, we are still working out of the city.

Hope to see some of you Sunday for the Tour!




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