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Hello all!  Blogger Slacker Returns 🙂

I’ve had several conversations with people lately about food.  Not just about what to have for dinner, but why we are choosing what to eat.  Local?  Organic? Free Trade?  Healthy?  Not?  What really matters and why does it matter?  Food is more than just about fuel for the body, although that is certainly important.  But the food choices we make impact others and the health of the planet, as well as our own health.

During this conversation about food and choices, this really cool TED talk by Jamie Oliver came up, so I wanted to post it.  In looking at the TED site, I again realized how many cool things are there.  I’ll post some more of my faves in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy Jamie Oliver excellent talk on the primal and communal nature of food and our choices.   I hope it nourishes you in every way.

Peace and happy munching! 🙂

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  1. 4-20-2011

    Hello, I really enjoy your blog and wanted you to know how much ;-D

    You have been given the Versatile Blogger Award. See the original post here
    There are only three requirements:
    1. Thank the giver of this reward (not necessary really).
    2. Post seven random facts about yourself.
    3. Nominate others for this reward.

    NOTE: The original reward mentions nominating 15 recipients.
    But the one I myself received came from RoughWaterJohn the Pirate
    He and I agree that it is more important to reward those justly deserving,
    rather than to merely meet a quota.

    But ultimately, it’s your decision, and your reward.

    Congratulations! Keep writing! Keep sharing!

    • 4-26-2011

      Hello! Wow, what a fun honor and award to be given!!!!
      Thanks, thanks and thanks!!!

      • 4-26-2011

        You are welcome but, really, the triple pleasure is mine:
        1) To have found your blog!
        2) To nominate your blog!
        3) To share your blog!

        Namaste, you are most welcome, keep writing 😀

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