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Flower mix from Van Dusen Botanical Garden - Vanvouver, B.C. (August 14th, 2008)Hello all!

First, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Sustainable Yard Tour I think we had about 100 or so people here, and a good time was had by all.    We met a lot of other garden geeks and seed savers, as well as a great number of local foodies and just all around cool people.   We were also able to connect with Andy from the International Institute, about the cool project they are doing, called the Global Farms Initiative.

The International Institute Global Farms Initiative is an agriculture-based career training program for refugees with two training locations:  the North site, at Hodiamont and Plymouth, and the South site, an incubator farm in the Botanical Heights Neighborhood near Folsom & 39th in South City.  The goal of the agriculture job training program is to provide refugees who desire a career in agriculture with a variety of educational opportunities intended for replication in their own farming endeavors.  This job training program is a low-cost alternative for our new American farmers and a means to economic self-sufficiency.

There is a lot more the II does and teaches, but in short,  this particular initiative is a pretty cool program that feeds the City Greens Market and helps start new businesses in the area.  They are always looking for extra garden tools or supplies, seeds or plants, so if you have anything like that languishing in your garage or shed,  feel free to get in touch with Andy  or let me know what you have and I’ll be happy to pass it along.

On a more techie note, if you currently use Google Reader to access the enthralling content of this and other blogs, you know that is coming to an end this week.   However, Fear Not!   We’re hooked up with BlogLovin, and you can click that link on the right panel at the main blog site, sign in, and this and other blogs will be delivered directly to your internet doorstep.   How cool is that?  You can also download the apps for your iwhatever or droidwhatever, or just click the link on the site and voila!  You are good to go.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by, and for all of those out you trying to make the world a kinder, safer, saner place.    Have a great day!



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