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I would not testify in a court of law that this is accurate, so take this with that understanding.  But since so many people have tried the foot pads, but most of us don’t send them off for heavy metal testing, the logical follow up question becomes, “How do the colors found on the pouches (after use) relate to what the body is detoxing?”

I can tell you that the color of the schmootz (to use the clinical term) that comes off with the lavender patches is different than the typical patches that use Chitosan, which is derived from chitin, the main fiber component of crustacean shells.  These patches use the lavender instead, so the color is a bit different, not quite as dark.  But (and honestly, ick) these are more, ummm….gooey. These have some chitosan in them, but it’s not the main ingredient, these rely more on bamboo vinegar and lavender instead.  This I like very much.

Using these and others after a recent ankle injury, I noticed lots of dark red spots, as well as patches of orange, which I believe was some of the waste products releasing from the ankle injury.  It certainly reduced the swelling and it didn’t bruise at all, even with a cracked bone and a sprain.

So.  Having said all of that, here’s what I was told the colors from the detox indicate:

Yellow Green kidney, urinary tract, bladder, reproductive
Orange joints
Brown liver, tobacco, cellular debris
Black liver
Black Flecks heavy metals
Red Flecks blood clot material
Dark Green gallbladder
White Foam lymphatic system
White Cheese-Like texture yeast
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