Happy Solstice and Merry Happy Everything!

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Hello all ūüôā ¬†Happy Solstice! ¬†This is probably the last post of 2011 and ¬†on this Day of Light, ¬†I wanted to say hello and thanks for another great year. I also want to acknowledge what a difficult time of year this is for many of us, all over the planet. ¬†So in this powerful time when we celebrate all of what it means that Light comes into the world, ¬†perhaps a gentle reminder to ¬†breathe and let yourself rest a bit. ¬†Breathe and allow it to ¬†replace that holiday tension with a holy relaxation and sacred calm. ¬† This is the time of year when we are reminded to replace the fear and darkness...

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Eclipse & Happy Merry Everything!

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  Hello all!¬† I wanted to post some sort of really fun, wise, enlightening article here for the holidays, and if there is time I still may do that.¬† But in the meantime, what is happening tonight is fun, spiritual and has attracted wise seekers throughout the ages. Tuesday is a total Lunar Eclipse. It is also the Winter Solstice and the World Wide Chant for Peace Day.¬† Some are saying this is the first time in over 400 years all of these events have happened on the same day. ¬† Christmas is upon us, the day Christians celebrate New Light coming into the world.¬† So I can’t top any...

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