An Invitation to be Free…

Do you feel as though you have been apart and lost your way?

Are you crying out from a place of desolation, while surrounded by a seemingly perfect life?

Does your soul feel parched, even as it rains all around you?

Do you feel confined and constrained by the life you worked to have, but now seems empty?  Does the past haunt you, does your own critical voice taunt you?

Are you living the life you were told you should live, but no longer want?

Are you weary unto your very soul? Do you wonder how your heart can feel so heavy and empty at the same time?

Are the deep questions and answers of your life suspended within you, lost in a place you know exists but you cannot seem to access on your own?

Do you just make it to the edge of the breakthrough and then sabotage yourself, through food or other habits or compulsive behaviors?

There is a solution.

There is an ancient journey of the soul back to its source. These are the movements of invitation, surrender and meeting yourself with open arms and open heart. You can meet yourself with kindness and a gentle promise.

There is a path home, to the Center…it moves inward, ever Godward, toward the core of your Being. It traces the path of peace, like the ever-widening circles of the labyrinth, deeper and deeper into a life you want, anchoring into a way of being you choose for yourself. There is a promise of peace, of finding joy again, of knowing contentment.

There is a way to find and follow the internal rhythm which will bring you life. There is a way to let go of old patterns that confine, constrain, consume and fill you with shame, guilt or regret. There is a path to move through sorrow, through the places within that feel stuck, parts of you that feel suspended in time and space.

Every part of you has a right to be heard, so what is it in you that is begging to be noticed, to be listened to, to be seen?  What have you observed from the outer edges of your life that beckon you to the center? Shame flourishes in the silence, but hope also rests there, waiting for you to step from those shadows into the light.

From those shadows, you can come to know and trust your own wisdom, your own love. You already have the power, confidence and courage to move beyond what you now believe to be certain, to be true. You can change. You can grow. You can look beyond the answers that were handed to you. You can find your healing and your home. You can leave behind the life you were told you should have, and step into the life you choose for yourself. Relax into it. It is already yours.

There comes a time in the process of awakening when you know you have been stripped of all pretense, all illusion. You arrive, raw, and step through the gateway of mystery that awaits you. A place in you remembers who you wanted to be, remembers how to trust your own love. Absorbed into that Presence, you dive into the stream of life and are drenched, soaked through and carried by grace. You can experience sublime stillness and a heart full of dreams again.

If you have questions about the types of work involved, or more about retreats, please visit our FAQ.  If you would like to discuss our unique method of collaborating with you to build a healing or coaching retreat created specifically for you, please contact me.  

Healing Journeys are designed to assist you in your healing process at every level of life. As such, we seek to go beyond the surface condition to find an underlying cause; we stop chasing symptoms and begin to look for the origin or inception point of the issue. We then gently transform it, restoring you to a balanced state of overall harmony and health.

You are safe. You are worthy of love and belonging. You can be free, liberated from the past, open to the future. You can rest in peace and dwell in gratitude.

You have arrived.  You are free.  You are Here, in the Now.

Welcome home.


These days are full of personalized attention to your intentions, goals and aspirations at every level of your body, mind and spirit.  You have my undivided attention for a full day of directed retreat time, in order to take you into the deepest parts of you, where your greatest hopes and fears dwell.  It is a liberating day, designed to help you find yourself again and open the places that may feel stuck.  During this time, we can address grief, old trauma, the places within that may feel stuck or shut down, as well as the places that are ready to open up and blossom.

The day will include accessing different parts of you, using Triune Brain Theory, and may include Soul Retrieval, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing,  Drumming, Grief Therapy and any other number of modalities tailored to your unique needs and desires.  Our  FAQ   answers many common questions regarding this type of work, or please  contact me for additional information or to schedule your retreat.


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