iStock_000005490020XSmallLife is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
~~ Lao Tzu

Do you know something needs to change, but don’t know what, don’t know how?  Is so much changing around you that you are holding onto old issues or an old life for security?

Do you want to make a change, but don’t know where to start?  Do you feel stuck in old patterns, beliefs or behaviors?  Are you holding onto things from childhood that no longer serve you?  If so, it may feel like you want to let life flow, but you don’t know how to start.  We can help.

Human beings hold onto all sorts of things for security.  It may be experiences, an image of yourself or of the Divine, beliefs about the people and world around you.  But you can learn to embrace yourself and the changes  you seek, you can feel free and light again, you can access that part of you that is flexible and flowing.  You can discover your own power of creative alchemy to dissolve old limitations and be liberated from the bondage of self and the past.  You can move beyond your own limitations, as well as the fears and limitations of others.   Opportunities are everywhere and you have unlimited choices.  We can help you access the wisest, most courageous parts of yourself and move forward with a sense of grace and ease.

Most of us were taught to think of things or experiences in terms of good/bad, right/wrong, rich/poor, black/white, heaven/hell, and many other extremes of thought, which leads to extremes in belief and emotion.  But there is a middle way, a gentle and flexible way to approach yourself, your life and everything in it.  There is a Wise Presence within you that is not fearful, indulgent or stuck.

Every notion of who you think you are can unravel as your heart opens and you become more flexible inside.  This is not about changing your beliefs or values if they support you.  But many of our old values, beliefs and behaviors are based in something we learned as a child that may no longer be true for us as adults.  You learned more about math, history and the world around you as you grew into an adult.  Why then do you hold the image of yourself and of the Divine you were taught as a child?  What outdated beliefs or behaviors no longer serve you that you would like to change?

Gautama Buddha said you could search the whole universe and not find a single being more worthy of love and belonging than yourself. When you begin to practice unconditional friendliness toward yourself, you can remain flexible and flowing, even as outer circumstances change.  You already have a baseline of peace, joy and gratitude about life and your place in the world, perhaps you just don’t know it yet.  Even if the changes happening around you are not what you are not what you would choose for yourself, such as a divorce, past hurts, a death or other kind of loss, you can approach it differently than you might have before.

A wise and compassionate heart dwells within you already, it is only a matter of learning how to access it.  It is about our approach to life, our attachments and aversions, about discerning the difference between healthy and unhealthy desires.  If the change is outer and possibly out of your control, we can help you learn to navigate the transition in a more empowered way.  If the change is internal and self-hatred or a mistaken belief that you are unworthy or unlovable is the issue, we can help you embrace the beautiful Self you have rejected.

Whatever the changes, I promise you have a resilience and ability to bounce back, a capacity for life you didn’t even know existed.  The power of creative transformation lies within all of us, just waiting to be accessed.  The middle path between the extremes embraces all of you, all of the opposites.  The suffering of the past or the pain of the present can lead to an understanding of grace that brings you to a place of compassion, surrender and gratitude.  This is the place T.S. Elliot calls the freedom “to care and not to care.”

You can feel confident and empowered, even as the world changes around you. You can change your mind, you can come to a place of peace within.  You can embrace all of yourself, even if that feels broken, even if your very soul feels shattered.   You can come home to yourself.

We can help.  Contact us today with any questions or for a free consultation.

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