Calming Effects of Self Harm Study

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Now, I’m not suggesting you try this, but check out this study, published in August, it’s a direct copy from Science Daily, the reporter of results… We can work with neuro-nets and the limbic system in alternative health and with specific modalities…EMDR, some of the trauma work we do here, NET and so on.  If you want info on some treatment options or practitioners, feel free to contact me. So Good: Neural Clues to the Calming Effects of Self-Harm ScienceDaily (Aug. 30, 2010) — The notion that cutting or burning oneself could provide relief from emotional distress is...

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Distance Healing Part II

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Earlier this week, I started a conversation about distance healing.  In the first post, I talked about science and research regarding distance healing. For Part II, I’d like to focus more on the energetic and spiritual nature of healing in general, but distance healing specifically.  If you would like to learn more about healing in general, I wrote an article for The Heroic Journal about the difference in healing vs. curing, which can also be found here, in the July 11 archives of this blog. About half of my Blessings Enterprises practice involves distance healing. I have clients of all...

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Distance Healing Part I

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About half of my practice involves working with clients of all ages at a distance.  I’ve recently received more questions about “what is it?” and “how does it work?” so I’m going to do a few basics here.  Please understand that volumes have been written about this, so I’m not going to adequately capture this in a blog post, even one this long.  But I’d like to at least address the basic question, so I’ll include my own personal thoughts, as well as some hard scientific research available to us.  Today I’ll talk about research and some of those impacts, and in a following post I’ll get into...

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