I’m Actually Not That Busy, Either

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  Hello all! I saw this post and wanted to share it.   I’m coming off a several day silent retreat and this was a perfect reminder as I do re-entry. This is a a total cut and paste, I have added nothing to it.  The original post from SuperHero Life, by Andrea Scher, can be found  here.     Enjoy 🙂     This is my new mantra: I’m actually not that busy.   It doesn’t sound spiritual or like something you heard at your yoga class. It might not even feel true the first few times you say it!  But it’s changing my life.   My aha moment came when I saw this graphic...

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Quote o the Day

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Fear doesn’t frighten me as much as it used to. I know it’s from clinging and I know it will pass. I can tell myself, “I’m frightened now because even though I know what’s true, I have forgotten it right now. I know the possibility of remembering exists.” That possibility, that conviction, gives me a lot of hope in the middle of the biggest fright. – Sylvia Boorstein Whatever may be scaring you today, we send you Big Light and hope.  Hang in there, you are smarter and more capable than you may think, and no doubt you are doing a better job than you think you are.  Be kind and gentle...

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Love is all there is…

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Someone sent this to me this a while back and I loved it, so I thought I’d pass it along.  As I recall, Marlene Soul of the Sohl Connection in KC sent this.  It’s a nice reminder today. Peace 🙂   To resist change is futile – it just causes more heartache.  Embrace  what you have, leave the rest and move on. Love is all there is. The only way to deal with reality is to face it. The only way to face reality is to accept it. The only way to accept reality is to embrace it. Then you can let it go. POWER emerges when it’s not constrained by the past. GRAB your POWER...

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Jamie Oliver TED Talk

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Hello all!  Blogger Slacker Returns 🙂 I’ve had several conversations with people lately about food.  Not just about what to have for dinner, but why we are choosing what to eat.  Local?  Organic? Free Trade?  Healthy?  Not?  What really matters and why does it matter?  Food is more than just about fuel for the body, although that is certainly important.  But the food choices we make impact others and the health of the planet, as well as our own health. During this conversation about food and choices, this really cool TED talk by Jamie Oliver came up, so I wanted to post it.  In looking...

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Meditation and Attention Span

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Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of the spirit… ~~Jeremy Taylor   I took this pic of the flowers with the small Buddha out at MABA, the Mid America Buddhist Association.  It was a day of choosing focus and the flowers in direct focus with Buddha in the back seemed to capture if for me.   MABA is a gorgeous place and one of many places in the St. Louis area to learn more about meditation.  St. Louis offers meditation and prayer opportunities in nearly every faith tradition or practice, as do most cities.  If you are looking for suggestions about places to check...

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