Blogger Slacker

Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Misc stuff that is totally unrelated to anything obvious, ponderings, Thought or Quote O' the Day | 0 comments

Hello  all 🙂  I’ve been a total blogger slacker the last few weeks, but with good and fun reason.  If you are interested, you can read about some of those adventures on Spirituality Blog, a post titled Love is Kind.  I was thinking a lot about time, love, patience, kindness, fun, grief, healing, and on and on it goes. I took this pic in Florida, after driving an enormous damn yellow moving truck from St. Louis all the way south.  Any further with that stuff and we would have all drowned! 😉   Along the way, I had plenty of time to think and ponder, which was part of the fun.  I was...

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Philosophers, Poets & the $64,000 Question

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Today I had one of those interesting days, the kind when it all sort of flows and time bends softly and warmly around the looking glass, the kind that feels somehow touched by the Divine yet is sort of emotionally exhausting in that same way.  This morning I blogged on the Spirituality of Grief and Joy site about my many ponderings…from Jean Piaget to Buddha and CS Lewis and a bunch of other stuff… and at the time it even seemed to make sense 😉 Tonight I’m thinking of Rumi and oddly enough, the Buddhist sense of the 8 Worldly Dharmas. The 8 Worldly Dharmas are: praise and...

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