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Hello all! I’ve had several requests lately to publish a few of the questions I usually ask Blessings Coaching clients.  I did a larger post on this today in the Spirituality Blog so feel free to check that out! Here is a sample of the Questions, but you can read more on the full post at the Spirituality blog. Humans get angry or upset about a variety of things. What is upsetting to me may not be upsetting to you. What’s important to your spouse, boss, friends or family may not be important to you, or the other way around.  Hurt feelings and reactions often result from unmet...

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Philosophers, Poets & the $64,000 Question

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Today I had one of those interesting days, the kind when it all sort of flows and time bends softly and warmly around the looking glass, the kind that feels somehow touched by the Divine yet is sort of emotionally exhausting in that same way.  This morning I blogged on the Spirituality of Grief and Joy site about my many ponderings…from Jean Piaget to Buddha and CS Lewis and a bunch of other stuff… and at the time it even seemed to make sense 😉 Tonight I’m thinking of Rumi and oddly enough, the Buddhist sense of the 8 Worldly Dharmas. The 8 Worldly Dharmas are: praise and...

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