Best Foot Patches Ever!

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For those of you who have tried the Gold detox foot patches and wanted more, and update: I was no longer able to get them from my previous supplier at a reasonable cost so I have been on a quest for a suitable replacement.  A few clients and friends and I have tried a number of brands and varieties, looking for a something we liked. We found Happy Feet Heaven with these! These foot pads use lavender in addition to the usual ingredients, they work better than the others I tried, and BONUS!!–I slept like a rock each time I used them.  Here is a rather nifty Reflexology Chart that shows...

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Free acupuncture

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Hello all!  For those of you wanting to try some free acupuncture by skillful practitioners in a great setting, John and Bryan at Community Acupuncture of St. Louis are offering it as a means of intro and celebration of their recent purchase of Holistic Fitness, a one-stop shop for massage, colonics, and more. An excerpt from their announcement: “Bryan and I are licensed acupuncturists who own and operate Community Acupuncture of St Louis. For those of you who don’t know our clinic, we provide treatments in a group setting, with patients relaxing in recliners during their treatments....

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