A Declaration of Self Care

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Hello all!  This is a wonderful post originally from Mara Glatzel.     I love this, I preach this, I believe this and I wanted to pass it along.  Allow yourself to work with yourself today, and be gentle with you.  We are all we have, sweet friends, and we are enough.  You are enough.   There is enough today…enough time, enough money, enough love, enough breath.  So for just a second, relax your shoulders.  Take a deep breath and allow that Calm Voice to whisper encouragement in your ears.   There is only now, so deepen into the moment and allow yourself to Be Here Now.  You are worth...

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2012 Mayan Calendar Perspective

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LOL. Nuff said. Have a good day! 🙂 Share the Love!EmailShare on TumblrTweetPrintLike this:Like...

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Whole Hearted Courage

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Courage is the power to let go of the familiar… ~~Raymond Lundquist Hello all 🙂 Blogger Slacker returns… I took this pic a few months ago in a remote place called Cathedral Canyon, in The Middle Of Nowhere, Missouri. To reach this place, you have to leave all that is familiar, drive 2 hours from a major city, then hike even further into the more-middle-of-nowhere. I must say~~ it was totally worth it. The pic doesn’t do it justice. I spent a few days in that part of the world, totally off the grid and reconnecting with myself. It was lovely in a million different ways. During that...

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Jamie Oliver TED Talk

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Hello all!  Blogger Slacker Returns 🙂 I’ve had several conversations with people lately about food.  Not just about what to have for dinner, but why we are choosing what to eat.  Local?  Organic? Free Trade?  Healthy?  Not?  What really matters and why does it matter?  Food is more than just about fuel for the body, although that is certainly important.  But the food choices we make impact others and the health of the planet, as well as our own health. During this conversation about food and choices, this really cool TED talk by Jamie Oliver came up, so I wanted to post it.  In looking...

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Blogger Slacker

Posted by on Nov 10, 2010 in Misc stuff that is totally unrelated to anything obvious, ponderings, Thought or Quote O' the Day | 0 comments

Hello  all 🙂  I’ve been a total blogger slacker the last few weeks, but with good and fun reason.  If you are interested, you can read about some of those adventures on Spirituality Blog, a post titled Love is Kind.  I was thinking a lot about time, love, patience, kindness, fun, grief, healing, and on and on it goes. I took this pic in Florida, after driving an enormous damn yellow moving truck from St. Louis all the way south.  Any further with that stuff and we would have all drowned! 😉   Along the way, I had plenty of time to think and ponder, which was part of the fun.  I was...

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