MABA & Tsunami Relief, Buddhist Events

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Hello All!  Blogger Slacker returns with spring events at MABA, including their China trip and tsunami relief for the Buddhist community in Japan.  If you have never been to MABA, this pic is from them. for directions and information   Mid-America Buddhist Association Monastery via Hwy. 94 to Schindler Rd. in Augusta , MO – a secluded and tranquil setting Dear Friends, See Below for information about: 1)     Earthquake – Tsunami Relief 2)     Sunday Meditation Schedule 3)     Sunday Study Group 4)     Spring Meditation Retreat — April 16 5)     Qingming Ancestor...

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Events at MABA

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Taiji and Qi Gong 太極拳 T’ai Chi Chuan and  氣功 Ch’i Gong Learn the Basics of the 24 Movement Form in a One-Day Mini-Retreat at MABA Saturday, September 11, 2010 8:15 am to 5:00 pm 11:45 am – Vegetarian Lunch included at the Mid-America Buddhist Association Monastery (MABA) Highway 94 & Schindler Road, Augusta, MO Taiji (太極拳; pinyin: tài jí quán;  Wade-Giles Romanization: t’ai chi ch’üan) is a very ancient Chinese system of exercise, moving meditation, and energy development method, that, along with Qi Gong (Ch’i K’ong), was practiced in Shaolin, Taoist, and Buddhist...

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Best Foot Patches Ever!

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For those of you who have tried the Gold detox foot patches and wanted more, and update: I was no longer able to get them from my previous supplier at a reasonable cost so I have been on a quest for a suitable replacement.  A few clients and friends and I have tried a number of brands and varieties, looking for a something we liked. We found Happy Feet Heaven with these! These foot pads use lavender in addition to the usual ingredients, they work better than the others I tried, and BONUS!!–I slept like a rock each time I used them.  Here is a rather nifty Reflexology Chart that shows...

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