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iStock_000005490020XSmall  Hello all!  I know, I know.  It’s been awhile.  Many things are afoot, and I wanted to share those with you.

First, we are honored to be the guest contributor to the NPR show On Being this week.   This was a blog post I wrote here several years ago, about the time we signed my mom into hospice. It was quite a surprise, but quite an honor to hear they were running the post, so a big thanks to On Being, we love your show!

The contribution post is about the stories we tell ourselves, how they shape us, and how they shape our world.  Head on over there and check it out, along with their usual podcast and blog. Feel free to comment on their Facebook Page or Wings of Change Pubs Facebook page as well, thanks!

Next, many of you know this, but to our out of town clients and friends– We moved into a bigger office in Webster Groves and we love it.  We have lot more room here, along with the usual herbs, aminos and so on, so let us know if you need anything.   I’ve combined forces with Becky Wallace and our joint business is called Wings of Change.  We are offering a lot of healing services, including retreats and some individual sessions, which I always love.  Additionally, we are moving more into writing books and booklets, which is great fun.  We have published a small booklet for hospices and are working on some other publications, including a book about how to trust yourself and your own love again.

We are still taking some individual clients, but many people are moving more and more toward the powerful work we are doing together with Wings of Change in the Year of Transformation retreat.  Basically, this includes 20 sessions throughout the year and quarterly retreats, but there is much, much more.  You can learn more about the basics here, and as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

I’ll be gone most of September and October, rambling around the desert and offering retreats, meditating, doing some writing and just chillaxing.  I’ll be posting some to tumbler and Facebook when I’m on the grid.  Thanks so much, as always we love and appreciate your support!

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  1. 8-26-2015

    I am so happy things are going so wonderfully for you!!! We sure miss you a ton. Thank you so much for my healing and the path you pointed me on. It will be 5 years since our first session. I have been healing and growing at an astounding rate(in my perspective). I appreciate you love and caring and desire to help people with their issues. You really helped me with mine. Once I get more financial freedom under my belt, I want to take your retreats because I know what an incredible person you are. I loved your post!! The work you started in me years ago has lead me to fully understand that process in me and how I believe my own stories. I have since changed many stories and can see when the ego is spinning a whopper of a story for me to believe. Your teachings and the point of view of my wife has helped me to see behind the curtains and know the truth of the stories I am spinning. Thank you sooooo much for your help!! So happy life is so grand for you!!!

    Much love and appreciation,
    Big John

  2. 8-23-2015

    Hi Terri.
    I read your words on the On Being website yesterday. Enjoyed! Congratulations!
    Have a good year.

    • 8-23-2015

      Thanks Maria! Good to hear from you, thanks for the kind words!

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